Week43—Plutchik’s Model of Emotions and apply in my system (post14)

Based on my idea, i am including some further information in this post on Plutchik’s Model of Emotions.

Wheellarge8_4 Plutchik-Model-600

As explained in “At the Heart of Leadership,” Plutchik’s three-dimensional circumplex model describes the relations among emotion concepts, in a similar way to the colours on a colour wheel. The cone’s vertical dimension represents intensity – emotions intensify as they move from the outside to the centre of the wheel.  As an example, a feeling of boredom can intensify to loathing if left unchecked.  This is an important rule about emotions to be aware of in relationships in the workplace, with family and with friends.

The eight sectors are designed to indicate that there are eight primary emotion dimensions.They are sadness, surprise, fear, anger etc.  Each circle sector has an opposite emotion. The opposite of sadness is joy, the opposite of trust, disgust etc.  The emotions with no colour represent an emotion that is a mix of the 2 primary emotions.  For example, anticipation and joy combine to be optimism and joy and trust, love etc.

I will use the Plutchik model and how i could use it with my clients.

Especially, how to communicate between  personal emotion and  paintings which have different tone.


The final idea is that choose the painting as a example to connect to visitors’ personal touch according to tone of painting. It also can be a personal guidance according to their mood that is a critical way to broke the traditional way that keep visitor in order of artefacts instead of deconstructive way that focus on their subconscious interests and search your personal result.

color jpg-02




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