Week31 Task— project report

In this semester, we were introduced with a new concept called smart city. Around this concept, my topic is air quality monitoring system, which is easy to ignore but has got more and more attention in modern city. Therefore, my aim is to make the air quality visible and lead people  to access the visible data easily, so that people can take actions to improve air quality. Looking back at what we have done in the semester, we have covered a process of poking, inspiration, ideation, workshop, model, design for near future in the real world.

Through the primary research, i went for visits to 3 monitors in Southampton and found most monitors are located in residence area, school and roadside of heavy traffic. However, nearly no one who lives nearby knows the monitors exist and related pollutant data could be accessed. Therefore, my key idea combines the system that use color-changing signals to alert air quality index with the mechanism that tracking real-time air quality by running bus and realizing cloud share on bus window.Moreover, people can interact with the data on the window, check each bus stop’s air quality data and share it on social media platform for public alerting.       

During the ideation, i
divided air quality into two parts which are indoor and outdoor. According to drivers i chose smart home and access the information you need. Nam and Pardo (2011) stated that a smart city infuses information into its physical infrastructure to improve conveniences, facilitate mobility, add efficiency, conserve energy, improve the quality of air and water, identify problems and fix them quickly, recover rapidly from disasters, collect data to make better decisions, deploy resources effectively, and share data to enable collaboration across entities and domains.

Based on this definition, my aim is visible air data to make people better understand air quality. To be specific, the first one is color-changing system in indoor air quality. Connecting all home devices to the internet and controlling them by smart phone, for example, when your oven is over-cooking and causes air pollution, the color on the smart phone will show red warning light (Figure1)ideation1

Another one is real-time cloud data showed on running bus(Figure2).IMG_4431-01 Actually, I got inspired from France balloon (Figure3)balloon41 balloonlead, which is a valuable tool to inform the public of the quality of the air that they are breathing in. In addition, the real-time data is also to promote public knowledge about air pollution. Besides, In the era of information explosion, cloud computing and internet can help people faster and more convenient to access the accurate information, so the open data should better serve people’s way of life. Therefore, I changed my original idea that show the real time data on screen of bus stop. Instead, I put the data on windows of buses so that people on the road can see the color-changing air quality index from outside of bus window. For passengers,  they can interact with the window like using a screen and check detail of each bus’ air quality.(Figure4)ideation-sketch1index-5.1jpg

After all,smart air quality monitoring system is only limited to measure air quality. It’s still doubtful to expect that what extent people could take action when they know the air quality. All citizens should take the responsibility of improving air quality of our city and be involved in protective actions.


Taylor & Francis, (2015). Smart Cities: Definitions, Dimensions, Performance, and Initiatives. [online] Available at: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/10630732.2014.942092 [Accessed 9 May 2015].


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