Week30Task— Speculative Design for Video

There are a list of examples of speculative design projects videos on Vimeo.

I have chosen 2 videos from the list of examples on this website. The first one  that I think communicate well and the second one that is less effective.

communicate well :

It is a new technology about nuna which  is a system of patches that integrate with your skin and provide new sensory experiences.

  • It is have a  good storytelling to make audiences understand the concept and work-flaw of the new system.
  • It is in a real world and look like truth
  • using 3 scenarios to illustrate the whole system that make audience fully absorbed in video.

less effective:

According to author, the “Ethical Objects” project looks at how an autonomous fan, facing an ethical dilemma, can keep a dose of humanity in its final decision while being flexible enough to accommodate various ethical beliefs. Actually, i feel a lot confused.

No scenarios, sound, music, just some interactive action, also maybe the topic is difficult to explain by short video.


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