Week22Task—Analyse and Ideation

Task 1

After the workshop on Monday I get quite a few inspirations from these drawings and collages and came up some new ideas.

Idea1: color-changing to alert indoor air quality with all online home devices 

IMG_1270IMG_1271IMG_1272we can connect with all devices in our home and use air quality monitoring control these devices. It will show the pollutant of each device separately. If the air conditioner overcooling or the oven overheating

which make some terrible smog, air quality monitoring will mention the user turn off or turn down the device.


Idead2: Running bus measure air quality 

IMG_1275Put the air quality on the top of bus. It will track the air quality on the way and show the real-time data in bus stop(real-time data, where is the worst air,predict the future’s air quality, what/where is the most pollutant? Because most bus stop in live area and it is useful to collect the nearby air quality. People can scan the QR code send to phone and share on social network to supervise the worst area.

Idea3: When someone smoke in bus stop or huge amount of tail gas, it will alert people by change color of light or sound



I would like the Future Olympic Village project which put forth a vision of what systems and technologies could grace the Future Olympic Village.

屏幕快照 2015-04-14 下午5.41.23I find the inspiring from train information. The Senseable City Lab has partnered with the SNCF division for research and innovation to investigate new ways of gaining insight into how people access different parts of France using the country’s high speed railway system.

屏幕快照 2015-04-14 下午5.41.59



As train schedules, wait times between connections and delays vary throughout the day and over the course of a week, travel time between any location and the rest of the country changes constantly. In this visualization, deformations are proportional to travel time and reveal the changes in the course of a one week period. Users can select any one location as their origin to explore what cities can be reached within specific travel times. The interface allows users to access the information for a specific time or visualize this information over the course of a week.


For me, i have researched air quality monitoring in smart city. I get some new inspiring about the interface allows users to access the information for a specific time or visualize this information.







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