Week11task—Summary of Semester 1

As time goes by,we have finished this semester study and have been created 6 tasks of design 1 portfolio, including culture probe(hand-draw), ideation and concepts (hand-draw), data visualization(poster) , deep user study, user experience map, visual concept, ideation and digital wireframes as well as pixel-perfect screen app mockups. In my final blog task, I would like to analyze what was successful and difficult in design1 portfolio for me  and how some readings influenced my projects.

From all these works, I made great progress on my hand-draw skills and most satisfied with the Data visualization and App design. At the same time, i felt difficult at the start of this semester such as culture probe and some visual concept.

Difficults: When i saw the brief of culture probe, i thought about many ideas but deny all so that hard to start. Also because of lack of handdraw skills and i did not know how to describe ideas with sketchnotes . The same situation occurred  in ideation of task 2, we needed to draw 25 ideas and also difficult for me. Fortunately,  i found some excellent sketchnotes in Pinterest[1] and studied these how these sketchnotes follow the ideas. especially, using visual sketch tells the whole story[2]. On data visualization, i referred to some sussed case from weekly reading[3] and also hesitated which way could clearly presented my data, balanced fun and storytelling. In future, i will do more thinking, more ideas, more visual concept, more practice.

Satisfactions: I think it is my sense of color and design skills. For example, i used 5 colors to represent different social networks and described the data from different angle (cost time from different activities and different social networks). It is clear to present the obvious change by using lines of different extent of thicknesses and show the proportion of each social networks part. (Figure-1)



On app design, i carefully watched videos[5] and learned to analyze user data, found the user’s pain point and explored the design way to solve it. According to most visitors, they want to know the dimension, geography, year, timeline, basic information. Therefor, i gave a data visualization as a homepage, which users can know about in a second. Especially i concerned the age of target audience(30-50year) who have some extent life experience can understand the timeline about event record of human history, and paid attention to user behavior. By this way, i created warm visual effect (stump’s color tone) and emotional operate and gave their self-identification (simple person illustrations in welcome page) (Figure-2) An then, i researched all kinds of navigation type, mostly compared with drawer and tap navigation and finally chose tap bar( easy to find and page transitions) but redesigned the common style. i reorganized the information architecture and dealt with priority information and united the body pages (Figure-4). It is worth to mentioned that i gave a affordance(Figure-3) inspired by some readings [5] to remind the users to handle and provide the useful and provided usability user experience.





Overall, I gained much knowledge from readings and videos, especially in the aspect of design concepts and design methods. What’s more, user experience map  (Figure-5-6) gave me more ideas on my design process and paid more attention to thinking process. I am really enjoyed my postgraduate study and hard work on next semester.

user experience map






2.BUICK, P. 2011. The Messy Art Of UX Sketching [Online]. Smashing Magazine. Available: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2011/12/13/the-messy-art-of-ux-sketching/



5. https://evelynzheng5133.wordpress.com/2014/12/01/week9task-affordances-of-smartphone/


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