Week9Task—Affordances of smartphone

An ‘affordance’ is a single attribute of an object that allows the user to carry out an action. Also, as a series of potential tools to help us achieve our goals.

For example, interactive elements with in a user interface, such as scrollbars, command and buttons, links and icons must be designed to give the user sufficient suggestion of what they can do with these graphical features and how they are to interact with them.

two types of affordance: actual and perceived: real affordance was presented physical objects/perceived affordances as they only exist in the virtual world.

In smartphone:

  • Perceived Affordances in Graphical User Interfaces
  1. It is an obvious perceived affordance that guide user swipe left to right to unlock the phone.
  2. the design of graphical elements requires an understanding of what the user assumes or perceives will occur as a result of their interaction(s)

unlock phone



  • designers have been taking inspiration from real affordances to allow the application of knowledge from the real-world to the virtual world.
  1. body language
  2. sense of hearing
  3. visual sense
  4. eye movement tracking

the feature—‘shark it off ’ is from real world

  •  Perceived Affordances and Consistency
  1.  Consistency across different interfaces is important.
  2. By conforming to the design traditions,  the user is able to apply knowledge from one interface to another. (e.g  Navigation bar)


    the navigation bar


By careful use of affordance, we can help users quickly understand interface, subtly encourage them from one action to another action.
Understanding the affordance, we can evaluate the following interface. We will soon be able to understand is essential to create an account in Dunked.com, users will not hesitate to click on the “Start” button. We can use this same affordance of an additional level of your own design in action buttons.


• Interaction Design Foundation, 2010. Affordances: An Introduction. [online] Available at: <https://www.interaction-design.org>[Accessed 19 November 2009].

• Norman, 2011. Affordances.Available at: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NK1Zb_5VxuM> [Accessed 19 November 2014].


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