Week7Task—Post-digital Print: a future scenario

According to the video, http://tv.adobe.com/watch/xd-inspire/transforming-the-magazine-experience-with-wired/ there are some features apply in 2010 digital publishing.

  • technology enable people consume media in different way, which numbers of people engage on cotent
  • creating to telling story and making a communicate ideas information
  • offer more choices to reader and inter-advertisement
  • new way display range of text/animation/short film/
  • turn product around look outsides
  • hand gesture /new navigation system
  • button in top browse every pages and advertisement and overview magazine
  • social feature: allow people share with friends/post to Facebook pages
  • use all visual tools to tell stories
  • The advertising is as important as the tools of magazines. adding 3D images service experience learn about new product service that advertisement provided.
  • build a way for our readers to engage content at any screen or devices they want to—change media experience from radio to television
The example of feature of contemporary digital magazines
1.Seiko wanted an advert to show their Kinetic range – watches that require no batteries as they are powered by the movement of the wearer.
To show this we created an advert in which the reader is shown a still image of the watch, and is prompted to shake the device. This then triggers the watch to spring to life, showing the correct time and date, along with a ticking second hand.








2.The January 2014 issue of British GQ included a feature “100 Best things in the world right now”, which was made up of 100 small articles covering “everything you will want to wear, drive, eat, hear, drink and watch in 2014”.

We were tasked with compressing this feature from the 18 pages of content in the print edition, to one single page in which the user can navigate in a fluid motion by swiping or tilting the iPad.

Each icon can be tapped to reveal further information, with some having additional content such as videos or slideshow gallery. The page was looped so no matter how far the user scrolls an egde won’t be reached.





3.Chris Anderton CTO of Bilbary told us that “HTML5 will be more widely adopted – i expect we will see an increasing number of ebook related projects using this set of web technologies. It has a number of enticing multimedia factors that allow for embedding music and video without needing third party plugins like Silverlight or Adobe Flash.




.2014.Feature: Will The Future of Digital Publishing be HTML5, EPUB3 or Apps? Part 2.[online] Available at: <http://goodereader.com/blog/electronic-readers/feature-will-the-future-of-digital-publishing-be-html5-epub3-or-apps>%5BAccessed 09 November 2014].



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