Week5—Visualising ideas and concepts portfplio task#2

B: It is evident that the London tube as we know it will become even more crowded,less personal, and ultimately more frustrating for the London commuter. Come up with ideas to develop the Concept of  ‘Commuter engagement’ that eradicates throughout their joureny. TV, radio, film, and music streaming are not allowed.


IMG_7077We need to present 25-30 ideas.

From the title, there are two factors to lead to frustrated for commuters

  • more crowded
  • less personal

Target audience: commuters

Location: London tube


For commuters:

  1. meditation
  2. joke
  3. performance
  4. warm socks
  5. sing
  6. dancing
  7. game
  8. reading
  9. network
  10. eye patch

For Tube:

  1. more seats
  2. magic chair
  3. optical illusion on wall
  4. more coaches
  5. more times
  6. real time
  7. on time
  8. predictable
  9. regular service
  10. food area
  11. weekeed closures
  12. information aid
  13. information service &communication
  14. journey planing
  15. time estimates
  16. find people who near by
  17. theme culture day
  18. tracking station that arrived
  19. statistic data of peak hour & person flow
  20. cheaper ticket-seats category

Idea generation









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