Week2: class exercise—Weather App Design

According to Slides from Andy in class, There is an important standard.

A framework for design:

P: (People) —physical differences/ psychological differences /usage differences

A: (activities)—temporal aspects/ cooperation/complexity/safety critical/the nature of the content

C: (Contexts)—physical environment /social context /organisational context

T : ( technologies)—input/output /communication/ content

analysis in class

analysis in class

Andy added:

P (people): Simple language, visual, icons, fun, curious, color, motor skills (not fully developed), intellectual, parents(indirect)

A (Activities): outdoor activities, forecast, remind weather, clothing, games( animation) , learning weather,  No-into the future, communication.

C (Contexts): social, share, learning, physical environment.

T (Technologies): Iphone/ Ipad, gestures, GPS, location, sound (not suit for kids)

Tips: shown in bold  should be attention!


All in all , these are important principles to consider the user experience and design a good product.



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