Week2 Task-Good advertising campaign of The Daily Twist

When it comes to the successful advertising campaign that rely’s on active audience, i would like to talk about OREO—The Daily Twist. For their 100th birthday Oreo use digital channels to show their relevancy to today’s consumers. It is a good example to show the difference between old and new media and active audience’s consumption.

According to the topic by Jay Rosen :The People Formerly Known as the Audience wish to inform media people the existence of themselves.  From this statement and voice of media people, I learn about 3 key points: with the shift in power of traditional audience, users can edit the news and control the media by blog, radio station, video and other big medias. It is freely that the users decided to engage discussion point at any application, any device, any time, any place. The active audience  doesn’t want to just sit there but to take part, debate, create, communicate, share.

And then, I would like to demonstrate what active audience was by The Daily Twist that is 100th birthday activity of OREO. The big idea was a massive PR and social media campaign to put an Oreo “twist” on daily events. This 100 day online campaign – called the ‘Daily Twist’ – saw Oreo create highly topical content based on the day’s biggest news story or key word trends, and release a new piece of content each day through its social channels. 100 pieces of content published across 100 days fueled their owned digital media ecosystem.

Pictures of campaign on Printerest:

[online] Available at:[Accessed 05 October 2014].


Pictures of campaign on facebook:

[online] Available at:[Accessed 05 October 2014].


Overall, Daily Twist is a great example of feeding  social media platforms with topical and engaging always-on branded content. Oreo built their brand through paid TV advertising, but had the foresight to evolve their marketing approach to embrace digital channels effectively. They’re now a key part of modern popular culture, and the topicality of their postings drives daily relevance and engagement. Oreo are fully leveraging their digital ecosystem of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the Oreo hub site, proving to other brands how well designed ecosystems can effectively amplify content.

In my view, Oreo decided to release one ad per day over a period of 100 days, bouncing off the daily news and what people were talking about right then and there. It has really felt an emotional resonance around these issues, which make active audience produce comments, discussion and share with others people. It creates a new standard for new media marketing.  For the long term, it also create talkability that would build brand equity, and extend their fan base further.


1.360i, 2013. Oreo had a big birthday to celebrate.[online video] Available at:<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bYqgw4lUOY> [Accessed 05 October 2014].

2.[online] Available at:<http://www.pinterest.com/oreo/daily-twist/> [Accessed 05 October 2014].

3.[online] Available at:<http://www.facebook.com/oreo/timeline> [Accessed 05 October 2014].


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