Week1Task-Good website about Special Watch -EONE

I think it is a good website to satisfy ten principles in some degree. some reasons are as follows:

Web Link:  http://www.eone-time.com/

1.Good design makes a product understandable

2.Good design is innovative

3.Good design is aesthetic

Index of website

Index of website. At first sight, we can see the loading animation which is the same principle as movement track of watch . (principle1-3)

  • It should be clear that  what the website is and how does the watch works.
  • From the view of UE, it is an innovative way that scroll mouse down to read about the whole content. It is called”parallax effect”. User can browse the whole website with few clicks. Also it is a good user experience.
  • From the view of UI, it is aesthetic. It has good identity that consist of 4 geometries and the background with high quality of photography has high  artistic taste.

4.Good design is as little design as possible

5.Good design makes a product useful


Simple words and simple design, just added an icon of video to introduce functions of product. (principle4-5)

  • There is any visual pollution and all elements appeared are necessary and useful

6.Good design is thorough to the last detail

7.Good design is unobtrusive

屏幕快照 2014-10-05 下午3.34.26

This 3D plot shows the detail from different angles and always mentioned scroll down by the icon in bottom of page. (principle6-7)

  • These circles that are on the right sides reflect the process of product’s introduction
  • The button of shop is small and put navigation bar together. Compare with other websites, it is very unobtrusive and has not highlight the button.

8.Good design is long-lasting

屏幕快照 2014-10-05 下午6.24.12

The layout of online-shop is classic and never appears antiquated. (principle8)


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